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iPhonography is Real!

I saw a tag on Instagram recently called #iPhonography and it really set the reality that cameras are with us all the time now and there is a picture literally everywhere hence the thousands of pics that get stored, copied and sent all over our hard drives and cloud spaces. We can literally walk by something and snap 10 pictures in a matter of seconds and then have it posted in another few seconds. Now I love film cameras and I like the digital SLRs as well but sometimes I don't want to carry even a small camera with me if unless im going on a photo walk by intention.

So for me, as a person that grew up with film and migrated to digital SLR when it came around, I decided to embrace the trend and add it to the tool set of film and digital devices. I just happen to be a iPhone user while my son is a Android user but regardless there are good pictures and can come from the smartphone. We can't do everything we do with SLR on a smart device camera but we can capture a moment or a composition that is interesting. Sometimes I use it to capture a composition, kinda like using a notepad to remind me later to go back with my SLR and do some cool stuff at that location.

This was an example of that. There was a composition that I liked here and didn't have time to to do a proper picture even if I had SLR with me. I snapped it and kept walking by. iPhone 6s back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 was used for this but I wanted later to come back and spend more time. I wanted to capture more reflections but wanted to see what I could do with the iphone to do this, embrace the trend right!!!

I then downloaded an app that claimed to be good for low light and longer exposurer so I tried with that to see if I could capture more. iPhone 6s back camera 4.15mm f/2.2 was again used and whatever the app does. I needed a little tripod for the iPhone and got this as I learned my way around the app. It's not a long exposure really after all it's a smartphone but here is what I got a couple days later when I passed again.

While I was futzing with the app and tripod and finding a place to clip the tripod to, my wife continued on her walk and took 50 more pictures with her smartphone and some of them were really good just as the phone took them. In the meantime my phone ran out of power and I couldn't call her to find her and wondered what i accomplished as I walked around looking for her. Luckily I had my SLR and large tripod with me and tool some other pictures as well but those will be for another post.

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