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I always liked the word "Wrangler" perhaps not in the sense of it's dictionary meaning of a cowboy rounding up and working with horses and such but rather as an camera enthusiast that rounds up, uses and works with cameras and thereby a "Camera Wrangler" 

I happen to live in Japan which is arguably one of the best places to wrangle fantastic cameras and see how well they work in a city like Tokyo.   Tokyo and Japan is well known for inspiring photographers, professional and amateur from all over the world so I hope to capture a little piece of this and provide some helpful thoughts and perhaps some insights along the way but if not that some interesting commentary or perspective.   


A little about me

My name is Rob Senk and have worked in a technology profession for the last 30 years and always enjoy learning and keeping the mind moving forward.  This can be personality flaw in that as there is just not enough time to learn everything.  Blogging will at least commit me to this journey while capitalizing on where I happen to live at the moment.  

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