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A New Small World in A Big City - Tokyo!

Having some free time now we decided to take a look at the new exhibit in Tokyo called Small Worlds. Automation, miniature everything, and amazing lighting work all can be found here; Trains, planes, automobiles and more all moving enough to give life to the small worlds and add some intriguing visual and picture opportunities. The detail is beyond impressive.

At first glance, it's easy to walk through a bit quickly and admire all the work that obviously goes into an exhibit of this nature but then we started realizing the amazing detail of the smalls. I was noticing more and more people spending longer and longer around the exhibits with DSLR and smartphone cameras taking detailed pictures and before I knew I was also taking portraits of 1-2 cm tall small people and wide angles of the airport.

The museum is located in the Ariake area of Tokyo which is near some of the planned Olympic events. The delay of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the lingering effects of Covid-19 certainly has made for a slow opening of this new world.

I hope the exhibits can hang around for the Olympics in 2021 and let others take a look at this remarkable work that brings out the kid, artist and techy out of all of us. The airport sounds and movements were well done I stood there for quite some time watch plane movements and take off and landings and pondering how they did that or how the made this.

I heard the the roar of an engine that made me want to find out it's source and realized a whole new detail that I missed the first time through. The amazing space display had a rocket that had been pushed out to the launching pad from it's hanger and launched. How they couple and de-couple the different types of movements is interesting to observe.

In summary, I enjoyed the visit while it was a little pricely, you certianly can feel for the team that worked so incredibly hard to get this display going for opening before the Olympics start and I was happy to support their efforts. I'm sure they will have even more exhibits as the year progresses and will be even better for those attending the 2021 Olympics as well.

The pictures here a few of the I estimate 80-100 pictures I took. How to decide what to post? It's impossible so I will leave the rest for the curious to find out.

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