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Olympus OM-4 and OM-4Ti

So we picked up a OM-4Ti a little while back so I decided to sit it next to the existing OM-4 (non Ti) and see what the difference is and sorta appreciate what these cameras have to offer the film camera community and which one I will end up using. If that's not useful then I hope the pictures are helpful for some wishing find on of their own. There are a bajillion sites that discuss these camera's in detail and I don't need to add to the bajillion so I will just provide a view from a camera enthusiast.

Form, fit and function looks the same between the two but Ti look to have improvements which explain the little higher price point.

Nice compact camera I wouldn't mind carrying around with me with the renown lens quality of the Zuiko's to snap some pictures. So for starters I like the size.

The manual says to use 2 SR44 batteries and the reason for that is the OM-4 drawdown issue and it's affect on the meter. Ti improves on this apparently but there are OM-4 user out there that say the battery draw down is not affecting them. I guess since I have both I will find out myself so not considering this right now. I'm not a battery expert but I have read the SR44 stays up better then say a LR44. For that it's probably worth looking SR44 and using those guys as the manual says. So with the suggested batteries it seems the OM-4 camera might be fine but I will find out for my self soon enough.

So far nothing really pointing me one way or the other but what out about metering? Well many like the metering and using the spot, shadow and highlight features which takes some practice but really allows one to compose and control the photograph. This is super cool for me. Take some time to take the single picture (rather than take 20 digital within seconds and pick the best).

The OM system is great with known awesome lenses and a metering system that is intriguing with a camera size that is appealing. Using the lenses with the Olympus digital line is also a reason I wanted one of these in my kit. Still the question is which one, the less expensive OM-4 or the slightly improved OM-4Ti. I think since I have both already and the OM-4 needs some TLC I think 4Ti is the winner. It will be a nice change from the digital world I have been living lately.

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